The Rodger C. Haggitt Gastrointestinal Pathology Society Officers for 2018-19

President – John Hart
President Elect – Michael Torbenson
Vice President – Rish Pai
Secretary/Treasurer – Nicole Panarelli

GIPS Executive Committee

John Hart, Chair
Amitabh Srivastava (Past President)
Michael Torbenson
Rish Pai
Nicole Panarelli
Reetesh Pai
Maria Westerhoff
Raul Gonzalez

Committee Chairs/Members

Education Committee
Maria Westerhoff (Chair)
Mikhail Lisovsky (Case of the Month Chair)
– Nicole Panarelli (Case of the Month)
– ILKe Nalbantoglu (Case of the Month)
– Deepa Patil (Case of the Month)
– Purva Gopal (Case of the Month)
– Christopher Hartley (Case of the Month)
Ilyssa Gordon (Journal Review Chair)
– Steven Hart (Journal Review)
– Dora Lam-Himlin (Journal Review)
– Ashwin Esnakula (Journal Review)
– Michelle Yang (Journal Review)
– Rageshree Ramachandran (Journal Review)
– Micheal Feely (Journal Review)
– Nora Joseph (Journal Review)
– Jiaqi Shi (Journal Review)

Travel & Awards Committee
Reetesh Pai (Chair)
Catherine Hagen
Joe Misdraji
Kiyoko Oshima
Steve Lagana

Membership Committee
Raul Gonzalez (Chair)

Nominations Committee
Amitabh Srivastava (Chair)
Jeff Goldsmith
Galen Cortina

Website Editor: Raul Gonzalez

Membership Application

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