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Case of the Month: December 2018

A 69-year-old female with a history of adenomatous polyps and a family history of colon cancer presented for a repeat colonoscopy.

Case of the Month: November 2018

A 43-year-old female with a history of squamous cell carcinoma, status post hemi-glossectomy and multiple complications resulting in PEG-tube dependence, presented with chronic diarrhea.

Case of the Month: October 2018

A 63 year-old male with a history of HIV controlled on HAART, HCV cirrhosis, ESRD s/p renal transplant and squamous cell carcinoma of lung, presents with clinically significant watery diarrhea of unexplained origin.

GIPS at ASCP 2018

CS12-18 Rodger C. Haggitt GI Pathology Society: Selected Updates on Cancer Reporting with Rish Pai, MD PhD (moderator), Won-Tak Choi MD PhD, Changqing Ma, Xuefeng Zhang Wednesday, October 03, 2018, 09:40 AM – 11:10 AM Room 318 This course is

Case of the Month: September 2018

A 52 year old man with a history of ankylosing spondylitis treated with infliximab was admitted for worsening fatigue, weight loss, diarrhea, and fevers.

Case of the Month: August 2018

A 51 year-old woman presented with abdominal discomfort

Case of the Month: July 2018

A 59-year-old woman presented with polyps nearly “carpeting” the entire body and fundus of the stomach.

Case of the Month: June 2018

A 61 year old woman presented for screening colonoscopy. A single 3 mm polyp was removed from the transverse colon.

Case of the Month: May 2018

A 41-year-old man with no known history of malignancy …

2018 Jack Yardley Investigator Award

Congratulations to Dr. Rhonda K. Yantiss, recipient of the 2018 Jack Yardley Investigator Award!

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