Categories of Membership

1. Regular Member – Any individual who has completed postdoctoral medical training with demonstrated interest and involvement in the field of gastrointestinal pathology as determined by the Membership Committee.

2. Associate Member – Any person holding a doctorate (or doctorate equivalent degree) with an interest in gastrointestinal pathology. This membership is limited to five years and cannot be renewed. Associate members may apply for Regular membership in the usual way at any time if postdoctoral medical training has been completed.

3. Emeritus Member – Any regular member who, upon reaching the age of 65 years, has requested this status by letter to the Secretary-Treasurer, and whose request has been approved by the Executive Committee.

4. Inactive Member – A member can become “inactive” by requesting this status in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer. This status would be considered appropriate for a member who has become ill or incapacitated and is not presently actively practicing pathology. An inactive member would be excused from paying annual dues, but would maintain the full benefit of society membership. This status can change by request to the Secretary-Treasurer.

Conferring of Membership

Nomination of an individual to Regular membership can be made by any Regular member. An application form (designed by the Membership Committee) must be countersigned by the sponsoring Regular member and then sent to the Chair of the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee will review the applications and recommend approval or disapproval by the Executive Committee of the GIPS.
Nominations for Associate membership can be made by any Regular member. Applicants for Associate membership will not need to provide evidence of their involvement with GI pathology in their application. Such decision of involvement will rest with the sponsoring regular members. The procedures for application, review, and conferring of Associate Membership is otherwise identical to that for Regular Membership.
Membership can be terminated by written resignation addressed to the President or Secretary-Treasurer.

Rights of Members

Only Regular members will have the right to hold office and to vote. Each Regular member has one vote.
All members have the right to participate in the scientific sessions and in deliberations and discussions at the business meeting.
No member shall use the name, property, or the organization of the GIPS for personal benefit.
Only currently elected officers shall represent the GIPS in official business.

Membership Application

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