1. How do I get my password?

Click the link below the member login which appears in the left column of most pages on

2. What is my username/login?

Your full e-mail address or the username shown under “Membership Details.”

3. How do I find out how much I owe in dues? 

Attempt to log into the site. This will show you if (and how much) you owe. You may also send an e-mail to the Secretary-Treasurer, Nicole Panarelli.

4. How do I pay my dues?

GIPS dues may be paid online by PayPal, which is preferred (no PayPal account is required, just a credit or debit card). If you are unable to pay using the PayPal interface, we can help you pay your dues another way, including via check. Please contact GIPS (select option “Dues”), and we will help you pay dues and complete your application / renew your membership.

If you attempt to login and you are past due, you will be redirected to a payment page showing your total due.

If you are current and paying for the coming year: Login to the site. After you login, a link entitled “Membership Details” will appear below your name in the left column of the page. Click the link to go to the Membership Home page on which you can pay dues as well as submit other membership information.

5. What’s the difference in memberships?

All members have full access to website features and all benefits outlined. Associate membership is given to members who are still in training and to emeritus (retired from active pathology employment) members, at a reduced rate of $10.

  • A Regular Member is any individual who has completed postdoctoral medical training with demonstrated interest and involvement in gastrointestinal pathology.
  • An Associate Member is any person holding a doctorate (or doctorate-equivalent degree) with an interest in gastrointestinal pathology. This membership is limited to five years and cannot be renewed. Associate members cannot nominate applicants for membership.
  • An Emeritus Member is any regular member who, upon reaching the age of 65 years, has requested this status by letter to the Secretary-Treasurer, and whose request the Executive Committee has approved.
  • A member can also become “inactive” by requesting this status in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer. This status would be considered appropriate for a member who has become ill or incapacitated and is not presently actively practicing pathology. An inactive member would be excused from paying annual dues, but would maintain the full benefit of society membership.

6. I am located outside the USA and/or do not know a GIPS member to serve as my nominator. May I still join GIPS?

Yes. GIPS welcomes members from all across the globe. We do strive for some degree of vetting applicants prior to approval. If you do not know anyone who can serve as your nominator, please contact GIPS (select option “General”) and also submit a membership application, being sure to provide your CV. We will attempt to verify your credentials. This process is generally successful, at which point we will approve the application for membership.



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