Reply To: EMR-ESD specimens – public comments

Darly Knoedler

Overall, a very nice paper as others have stated.
A couple of comments/suggestions:
1. Table 1-There is nothing given for small bowel lesions. As is stated in the text, the literature is smaller and conflicted for small bowel, but given that small bowel is included on Table 2, it is somewhat confusing to the reader. I suggest making both tables similar with the same organs listed in each.
2. Formal fixation time (page 11) should be cited or modified. This is different that is applied in other cancers (ASCO/CAP for breast prognostics), for example.
3. Routine levels for EMR specimens (page 14) should be cited or modified. One routine level on ESD specimens seems reasonable.
4. Many typos throughout will need proof reading to correct.

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